From the moment you hear her piercing, cackling laugh you’re hooked. Fafá is a living legend in Barcelona, her hair and her hairstyling equally renowned across that elegant city. The Brazilian-born artist has her creative roots in the heady days of ‘performance art’ and ‘happenings’, a part of an underground culture where hairdressing could become a creative calling in its own right. A quick walk with Fafá around the Barri Gotic will reveal an alternative cultural history, as she points out the sites of long lost studios, cultural garrets and creative nooks at the back of bars. She has survived all those changes and constantly reinvented herself, indeed when she cut off her famous hair, it was a ticketed event. Now she and Nick, her gently supportive husband/DJ, travel the globe as Compañía Sienta La Cabeza, taking their anarchic unconventional hairstyling/music combo across international boarders. And the hairstyling, oh, the hairstyling… over the years, Fafá has adorned my head with Satanic horns, swinging Barbie dolls and muscular Olympic swimmers. Those are only a few of the eye-catching ‘looks’ she creates, I’ve seen the vinyl-record-on-the-head look, the octopus tentacles, the flowerpots and, of course, ‘the Frida Kahlo’. As more and more of the audience get styled, it looks as if a flock of exotic birds-of-paradise have landed amongst the crowd. And then there’s the outfits she and her colleagues wear, which are as spectacular as the hair; I’ll never forget when she premiered a new outfit and arrived for the gig in a silver space suit with her breasts encased in goldfish bowls. In a church. Fafá is a unique and wonderful character in the outdoor arts sector, a true one-off. Beyond legendary.

Sienta la Cabeza website 

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